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Welcome to 2019!  I can’t believe we’re already done another year. I’m prepping this index in advance, so I don’t know right now exactly what has happened, but I have confidence that in just a week, this one is already looking as crazy as the one we just finished, with the industry facing new challenge and steep learning curves.  But before we go forward, we’ll look backwards a bit.

This is an index of past blogs, sorted by topic.  I don’t know about you guys, but I personally find this useful if I’m trying to find something specific.

First, as always, Formaldehyde represents a large percentage of the posts.  2018 brought us TSCA and the federal formaldehyde regulations and I’m sure there will be more posts on that soon.  (Remember March 22nd is the next key date!)  I’ve added to this section other chemicals issues like Prop65 and all general chemophobia posts.  Enjoy!

Formaldehyde, Indoor Air Quality, Prop65, Chemophobia and more…

As before, I will follow that collection immediately with my series of definitions. Please let me know other topics you want to see covered in this section.

Terminology Time

Next, one of the big topics will always be Lacey and Legality. I’ve included some posts here which could also be considered under other topics like Forestry Resources or Compliance Tools, but these tools and resources are directly related to Lacey and Risk Assessments so we’ll stick them here.

Lacey and other Legality Laws and Issues

The logical next grouping would be posts regarding forests, forestry and specific species around the world.

Forest Resources

And speaking of resources, here are posts on compliance resources. There were also some posts on APHIS and Lacey issues, which I stuck up in the Lacey section, but could also be considered compliance resources, so check there too, if you’re seeking tools of the compliance trade:

Compliance and Tools of the Trade

As a separate section on resources, these are posts on technical topics—like finishing or hardness or DNA.

Getting Technical 

And we’ll wrap it up with “everything else,” those posts that don’t fit anywhere else. These include my usual philosophical ramblings and political commentary, plus those fun trade show posts!

Miscellaneous Topics and Philosophical Rants

As always, thanks for reading! Here’s hoping everyone has a happy, safe, prosperous and positive 2019…we can always hope, right?

Elizabeth Baldwin is Environmental Compliance Officer for Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. In her 25 plus year career in the wood industry has visited over 70 countries and hundreds of facilities of all sizes and types. She describes herself as a “jack of all wood trades.” Familiar with jungles of all sorts–having camped out along the Amazon and walked the halls of Congress–she blogs for the NWFA on both environmental and regulatory issues for educational and informational purposes only. Her blog is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice. Persons seeking legal advice on compliance with CARB, TSCA, the U.S. Lacey Act or any other law, regulation, or compliance requirement/claim should consult with the regulatory agency directly and/or a qualified legal professional.

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