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So after six years of blogging for the industry, I needed a bit of a break….but since the regulations keep coming and the questions haven’t gone away, I’m back on my soapbox.

The title of this blog is “Beyond Green.”  Seems right—we’ll look at traditional “green” topics like LEED qualifiers and certification programs, but also go beyond that to cover issues ranging from formaldehyde regulations to Prop65 labeling to Lacey and more. However while in the past I tried to do a weekly blog, this time I might be a bit more ad hoc, as topics arise. Right now, we’ll try to get a whole bunch of Tuesday posts moving to build up momentum!

I know one big topic for this year is the EPA’s TSCA regulations. Right now, while I’m neck deep with others trying to figure out that regulation, there are still too many things we’re seeking clarity on for me to want to do lots of blogs on it quite yet. I will get some groundwork laid in the coming weeks and then try to detail things out as things become clear. Please note that while yes, certain parts of the regulation have been delayed by Executive Order, nothing has been stopped. Enforcement on the regulation currently is set to begin on Dec 12 of this year. Stayed tuned for more info as we get closer.

By the way, I’ve joked with friends that people rarely call me up and ask first “how are you?”  Normally they start by asking “where are you?” Well, this week I’m in San Francisco where I’m attending the IWPA convention and their Due Care Training program. Next week I’ll be in Phoenix at the NWFA Convention. Please come and find me (look for the infamous “Hugged It First!” t-shirt!) and tell me what topics you want to see in the new Beyond Green Blog.

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