bott Smartvan Unveils SmartStow Partition

bott Smartvan is introducing the SmartStow Partition, their latest addition yet to their line of work van storage. With the driver’s safety and comfort in mind, bott has worked with the innovative minds at Snoeks Automotive to develop a partition and bulkhead combination that elevates the separation barrier between the cabin and cargo area to be more than just a partition and maximize the storage capacity of every available inch in the vehicle. The back of the partition is integrated with modular racking in space that typically goes unused in a work van. The company says this allows the driver and passenger to experience maximum comfort in the van’s cab while enhancing storage and keeping tools and materials easily within reach from the side door.

The partition is made with Snoeks Automotive’s Compax material, a durable thermoplastic made sustainably with 40 percent recycled PET plastic. Forty percent lighter than an ABS alternative, the Compax partition has gone through rigorous testing, both in the U.S. and near Snoeks headquarters in the Netherlands. The soft-touch surface in the cabin of the van perfectly blends in with the van’s interior, and the snug, vehicle-specific fit provides maximum comfort, keeping the rattling sounds from the cargo in the back. The snug fit also ensures that the whether the heater or AC is on, the temperature is easier to maintain in the cab.

The SmartStow partition is crash tested and available in the U.S. for the Ford Transit Mid and High Roof, the Mercedes Sprinter Standard and High Roof, and the Ram ProMaster Low and High Roof cargo vans. Visit to learn more.