Canada & Formaldehyde – Update

Before we get into the U.S. regs, this is a quick reminder that Canada has joined the formaldehyde regulation team as well. Details are here.

The first big discussion will be September 6, 2017, with a multi-stakeholder workshop being held in Ottawa, Ontario. Yours truly will head over there with an NWFA hat on to discuss development of proposed regulations with everyone else. If you have issues that you want to try to make sure are covered, post a comment or send me a mail.

As a note, the proposed emission levels are the same as CARB/TSCA have set, that’s the good news. Let’s hope that in time we have complete reciprocity between all the various North American requirements—make sure sample handling rules are the same, and the same testing standards get recognized and that one test will fit all three certification programs (because remember, CARB is NOT going away with the start of TSCA—products must still be CARB as well to be sold into California.) There are plenty of other details to hammer out, but ideally in a few years, we’ll have a single North American standard.

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