Happy New Year! Industry Resolutions

Can we make some resolutions together as an industry? These are themes that I’ve spoken on for years, so nothing here should be a surprise. I hope that we can resolve to:

  • Sell based on the positive—no more selling fear.
  • Limit consumer confusion—be exact and accurate in language.
  • Know the regs and help others do right—and don’t game the system.
  • Eliminate greenwashing and misrepresentation—ensure that what’s on the box is in the box.
  • Increase activism—and appreciate and support our Associations.

I know we’re competitors, but we’re also all in this together. In this industry, in this world.

Ok, so if these are too warm and fuzzy for you, here are some good short articles about business resolutions that you might enjoy. I pulled out a variety of articles with business-focused resolutions on issues such as tech (use more social media), sales (focus on people not product), finances (file taxes early), and corporate culture (communicate and empower):

And bottom line—the best to all for 2018.

One thought

  1. I could not agree more. When you, or a competitor relay information that is incorrect it hurts the industry as a whole. Representatives of this industry need to be better educated, and I look forward to this industry becoming more professional.

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