Upcoming ALL STAR Panel on TSCA at the NWFA Convention

Book mark the time and date because in just one month, you’ve got a chance to get all your questions about TSCA answered!

NWFA Convention Think Tank Session
Regulations & Compliance – Formaldehyde/VOCs
Friday, April 13, 2018 at 9:30 AM

I am so very pleased to tell you about a Q&A opportunity with an all-star panel of experts on the formaldehyde emissions regulations impacting the flooring industry today. You are not going to find a more authoritative or experienced group in one place anywhere else this year.

  • Erik Winchester, Chief of the Fibers and Organics Branch of the EPA, will introduce the Title VI of the Toxic Substance Control Act, the new national standard for regulating formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products.
  • Kimberly Wise White, Senior Director of the American Chemistry Council’s Chemical Products & Technology Division, will provide a historical perspective on formaldehyde regulations and discuss recent research on formaldehyde emissions from building products.
  • David Jones, Director of Project Services for Benchmark International, an EPA and CARB approved third party certifier will take questions regarding requirements for manufacturers.
  • Cindy Squires, Esq. Executive Director of the International Wood Products Association can brief on the latest litigation and is ready to assist importers with their questions.

Bring your questions—this is your chance to get answers straight from those who know!

Remember, TSCA is going to impact EVERYONE from the manufacturer to the retailer and builder. You need to know YOUR responsibilities under the law. Can I go so far as to say this is THE must-attend session of the convention? Yes, I think I can! So I will:

This is the MUST-attend session of the convention! So see you there!

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