Greatest Hits 9 – Corrupted Statistics

We’re going to talk more about formaldehyde regulations soon, but for a quick break, I wanted to post some of my favorite past entries talking about taking a critical eye to data and presentations. This series goes in several directions—looking at statistics (and how to manipulate them) and also about how science can be used and abused.

Corrupted by Statistics, Part 1 – How do you best evaluate the “level of corruption” in a country when doing a risk assessment?

Corrupted by Statistics, Part 2: Selective Surveys – Digging into the details to determine the “level of corruption” – and comparing the US with other countries.

Corrupted by Statistics, Part 3: Going Beyond Summaries – Another approach to considering countries’ cultures and the “level of corruption.”

Corrupted by Statistics, Part 4: Bad Science (or Bad Reporting of Science) – A personal favorite – did you even know that “smelling farts might prevent cancer!”

Corrupted by Statistics, Part 5: Preconceptional Science – “Science” that fits our preconceptions of the world

Corrupted by Statistics, Part 6: Beginning with Bias – Where you start often determines where you are going to end up.

A Last Bit on Statistics, Science, Media and Language – Change is possible.

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