US Government Supports Due Care Training

Last week I outlined the IWPA’s current compliment of compliance courses offered under the overall program title of Seeing the Forests and the Trees. They include the original Wood Trade Compliance Training and Due Diligence Tools (WTC), Audits for the Wood Trade Professional, Key Components of Wood and Forestry Regulatory Schemes and Advanced Wood Trade Compliance.

This week I’m happy to advise that if you are a small or medium sized company wanting to learn more about Due Care, the US government will provide support—reimbursing you for travel costs including airfare and hotel and even providing a per diem to help feed you!

One of the goals of this program is to allow smaller companies to train more people. Some companies might only be able to send one person to a class—now perhaps they can afford to send 2 or 3. The government won’t pay for the actual class because they want you to have some skin in the game, but covering all your other costs to take it is pretty amazing.

The IWPA can approve approximately ten qualified beneficiaries for each of the three locations. You can apply by contacting IWPA and it will be first come, first serve, so check it out quickly! Again the classes are:

  WTC Audits Forestry
Advanced WTC
February in
Houston, TX
x x    
June in
San Ramon, CA
  x x x
August in
Atlanta, GA
x x x x

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