Index of 2017 Blogs

With the New Year, it is time to pull things together and index what we’ve looked at in the last year. To that end, I’ve organized the posts by subject (with some possible duplication of a few listings) and then sorted them chronologically. I hope this will help people quickly find topics of interest, even if they were scatted throughout the year.

First and foremost, formaldehyde and indoor air quality is always one of the best covered issues. Here are the posts in the past year on this theme:

Formaldehyde and Indoor Air Quality

I’m going to follow that theme immediately with my series of definitions, since all the definitions so far have been related to formaldehyde regulations and IAQ.

Terminology Time

Next, one of the big topics will always be Lacey and Legality. I expect to try to do more updates on this later in the year.

Lacey and other Legality Laws and Issues

And since legality directly impacts our available supply, let’s look at posts regarding forests, forestry and specific species around the world.

Forest Resources

And speaking of resources, here are posts on compliance resources.

Compliance and Tools of the Trade

As a separate section on resources, these are posts on technical topics—like finishing or hardness or DNA.

Getting Technical

And we’ll wrap it up with “everything else,” those posts that don’t fit anywhere else (at least not yet—for example, we have a “building green” post here which I suspect will be matched with enough similar themed posts to get its own section next year.)

Miscellaneous Topics and Philosophical Rants

Thanks for reading!



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