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WD Flooring | Laona, Wisconsin


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In the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, WD Flooring showcases its expertise in crafting elegant yet practical hardwood floors with a custom project for a young family’s 6,000-square-foot home. Desiring a classic yet contemporary feel, the homeowners sought a floor that exuded elegance while remaining livable – a challenge WD Flooring was more than ready to tackle.

Collaborating closely with designers and homeowners, WD Flooring ensured that every aspect of the floor – from design to installation – aligned seamlessly with the home’s vision. CAD drawings guided the precision of the patterns, ensuring a harmonious entry into the space.

The project showcased WD Flooring’s versatility and attention to detail, featuring a mix of pattern, herringbone, and straight-lay plank flooring. From procurement to finish, WD Flooring’s involvement spanned the entire process.

At the heart of the project lies a traditional parquet floor with brass inlay, paying homage to hardwood floor legend Birger Juell’s iconic “Concerti” pattern. This blend of tradition and modernity speaks to WD Flooring’s commitment to honoring the industry’s rich history while embracing contemporary design sensibilities.

Crafted from engineered wood with a white oak veneer and balanced basswood core, the
floor prioritizes sustainability without compromising beauty or durability. Finished with Rubio Monocoat’s matte finish, the floor exudes elegance while remaining environmentally responsible.

Installation Method: Glue Down
Flooring Type: Engineered, Plank, Parquet
Finish Sheen: Matte
Species: White Oak Select
Mixed Media: Brass
Pattern: Herringbone and Straight-Lay
Square Feet: 6,000

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