2024 WFOY: Best Staircase

Walk On Wood Inc. | Winter Park, Florida


Entries in this category include all types of staircase projects. Submissions may include new installations or overlays, in either a residential or commercial application. The Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA) judged this category.


Designed to captivate and inspire, this staircase stands in a vacation home’s grand entryway, embodying a fusion of innovation and artistry. The three-story staircase is a testament to precision engineering and planning. Standing 30 feet tall, with 42 stair treads featuring recessed, embedded light tracks and 20 embedded glass panels, its presence commands attention throughout the sprawling 10,000-square-foot residence.

Integral to the design is the seamless integration of lighting. Low-voltage wiring was carefully laid during the framing process. The positioning of these tracks was critical, with meticulous attention to symmetry and alignment to ensure a flawless visual experience from every angle.

The pursuit of symmetry drove every aspect of the staircase’s construction. From the carefully measured reveals and stringers to the alignment of each walnut segment, every detail was executed with more than 1,200 man-hours of craftsmanship.

The finish, achieved through a blend of Bona stains, imbues the solid walnut with a timeless elegance and durability, befitting its grandeur.

Installation Method: Glue Down
Flooring Finish: Bona Drifast stain special walnut/red mahogany, Bona sealer, Bona Traffic HD Matte
Finish Sheen: Matte
Species: Walnut
Square Feet: 100

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