2022 WFOY: Best in Parquetry

Colpron Custom Floors LLC | Emmett, Idaho

Entries in this category include any parquet pattern installed into a flooring project.

Best in Parquetry Photo
Photos Courtesy of Colpron Custom Floors LLC

This formal dining room features 5” western maple basketweave with Brazilian cherry squares. The hand-cut border was milled from 1” stock consisting of western maple and Brazilian cherry diamonds, and walnut squares and triangles. The corners of the border are end-grain hard maple pieces. The border mirrors the recessed ceiling.

“The floor is special to me because it was for a returning customer who asked me to do something special in their dining room. With the help of Dave Marzalek, we came up with the design for the pattern, and I was left to take the pattern and run with it,” explains Jonathan Colpron of Colpron Custom Floors.

“The main portion of the floor is western maple specific to the pacific northwest. The end pieces on each corner are hard maple that I cut from my own yard.”

Best in Parquetry Close Up PhotoColpron says that while the design didn’t take that long, the border was time-consuming.

“The installation took quite a long time because every single piece was hand-cut. Everything was done by myself, working with my wife, who assisted on the project,” says Colpron. “My wife helped do the installation and the sanding and it was a great family project.”

Detail of Finish Process: The Brazilian cherry squares and border were taped off, and the basketweave then was finished with Loba 2K Impact Oil Black. Next, the tape was removed, and once the black oil was fully cured, the whole floor was troweled with Loba 2K Impact Oil Transparent so that the Brazilian cherry squares and border would pop.

Installation Type: Glue Down
Flooring Type: Solid, Parquet, End-Grain, Other
Flooring Finish: Loba 2K Impact Oil Black and Loba 2K Impact Oil Transparent
Finish Sheen: Matte
Species: Western Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Walnut, Maple
Pattern: Basketweave with Hand-Cut Border
Square Feet: 200

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