2022 WFOY: Best Use of Technology

Czar Floors | Richboro, Pennsylvania

Czar Floors Best Use of Technology
Photos Courtesy of Czar Floors

Entries in this category have installed floors utilizing advancements in technology (CNC, laser, etc.).

The project involved a large, odd-shaped curved staircase with adjacent curved walls. Czar Floors first made a giant paper template of the entire area. All mitering parquet pre-cut was done at the factory to ensure simple installation. The labeled segments with an installation map were provided to the jobsite.



“This is probably the most complicated template we have ever had to do. We first had to create a giant paper template of the entire room, as nothing was straight in the room. It looks straight, but every wall has a curve to it,” explains Edward Tsvilik of Czar Floors. “There was a physical, paper template created, then we took all of those measurements and created a digital template to begin creating the floor.”

The pattern on this floor is a variation of a basketweave pattern made from ash and rift
and quartered white oak Tsvilik says. It is a simple continuous pattern that Czar Floors likes to use in uneven or odd-shaped rooms.

Close Up of Czar Floors Best Use of Tech Floor

Detail of Finish Process: It was sanded with a Lägler Trio machine and finished on-site with a water-based polyurethane sealer.

Click on the links below to learn more about that floor, the other category winners, and to see a showcase of all projects entered into the contest. And be sure to check out upcoming episodes of the NWFA Wood Talk podcast, as Brett Miller, VP of technical standards, training, and certification, will have in-depth discussions with WFOY winners about their projects.

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