Bona Seeking Outside Sales Rep.- Adhesives (New York, New Jersey, Chicago, or Philadelphia)

Bona US is always seeking qualified and highly motivated individuals. Starting a career at Bona provides the opportunity to work for a company with strong purpose and values, a concern for the environment and a goal of enriching lives.

Our Purpose: Enriching Lives and Unleashing Potential. One Employee, One Customer, One Floor at a time.

Our Core Values : Professional, Concerned, Respect, Innovation

Bona offers:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Competitive Benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance and 401(k) matches
  • Vacation and personal time package that provides a work/life balance. We work hard, and we also play hard.
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • The chance to work with a leading, global manufacturer impacting the lives and homes of our customers on a daily basis.
  • Opportunity to be innovative, challenged and part of an emerging company and the start of something big!

About the Outside Sales Representative- Hardwood Adhesives

Bona is currently seeking a Sales Representative who will be responsible for managing an assigned territory and developing incremental profitable sales growth through effective selling and building relationships with professional hardwood floor contractors and distributors for the adhesives product category. This individual is responsible for creating and communicating promotions, procedures, and policies with distributors. This individual is expected to exhibit both ownership and control over assigned territory. The Adhesives Specialist are responsible for training, educating, demonstrating, and troubleshooting Bona’s complete line of adhesive products to Bona employees, professional contractors, and distribution personnel. This individual works closely with and effectively communicates to sales management, marketing and account services on a timely basis.


Formal training and experience in hardwood floor installation and maintenance, technical support, sales, and/or product management.


  • Must have 5+ years industry experience.
  • Must demonstrate self-motivation, enthusiasm, organizational skills, and be goal-oriented.
  • Must demonstrate effective verbal and written communication and presentation skills.
  • Must be able to travel 2 to 3 days per week.
  • Retail Sales experience, Distributor Sales experience and/or Architectural Sales experience a plus


  • Actively manage distribution and contractor relationships for the adhesives product category within an assigned territory.
  • Train and Educate Bona personnel, contractors, and distribution personnel on Bona adhesive products.
  • Effectively communicate procedures, policy, and promotions on a timely basis to distribution.
  • Increase incremental sales growth within the product category by working with all levels of distribution.
  • Effectively communicate sales activities, both verbally and via monthly written reports, with sales, account services and product management on a timely basis.
  • Support industry and Company related events and activities, including but not limited to trade shows, training schools, and regional training center activities.
  • Review current operating procedures, identify areas of improvement, and implement more effective measures.
  • Develop mutually beneficial, respectful, and effective relationships with peers to ensure seamless coordination between departments, maximize synergy, and maintain a shared vision, strategy, and focus.


  • Active Communications (Verbal, Written, Listening Skills) – Clearly expresses ideas, information, and concerns both verbally and in written format in both positive and negative situations. Actively listens, offers full attention when others speak, gives verbal and nonverbal cues of interest, asks questions for clarification, and paraphrases to ensure understanding. Actively seeks and disseminates information from and to a variety of sources, accepts responsibility for ensuring that people have the current and accurate information needed for success, and asks questions to open channels of communication. Demonstrates group presentation skills, presents information and numerical data effectively, and actively participates in meetings.
  • Team Player – Identifies with the larger organizational team and their role within it by balancing team and individual responsibilities, sharing resources, responding to requests from other parts of the organization, supporting larger legitimate organizational agendas, and putting the success of the team above personal interests. Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views, gives and welcomes feedback, contributes to building a positive team spirit, recognizes accomplishments of other team members, and builds morale and commitment to goals and objectives.
  • Adaptability – Utilizes a flexible approach or method to best match the environment, situation, or person. Manages competing demands and is able to adapt quickly and positively to frequent changes, delays, or unexpected events.
  • Customer Orientation – Views the organization through the eyes of the customer, anticipates and meets customer needs, solicits customer feedback to improve service, responds promptly, and effectively manages difficult or emotional customer situations
  • Develop Relationships – Builds and maintains relationships that incorporate cooperation, trust, and respect by devoting the appropriate time and energy to facilitate business transactions. Relates to others while building credibility and rapport, communicates in an honest and straightforward manner, and maintains networks
  • Initiative – Operates in a proactive manner, identifies needs and opportunities, calculates risks, and takes independent action. Undertakes self-development activities, seeks increased responsibilities, asks for and offers help when needed, and volunteers readily.
  • Organizing and Planning – Plans, organizes and effectively manages to maximize efficiency and productivity. Sets goals and objectives, prioritizes and plans work activities, identifies specific action steps and resources, anticipates problems and develops contingency plans.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making– Able to identify problems, solve them, and show good judgment by isolating causes from symptoms, gathering information from a variety of sources, compiling information and solutions, involving others as appropriate, readily committing to action, and making decisions that reflect sound judgment in a timely manner. Able to identify and choose between multiple options, work well in-group problem solving situations, understand consequences of potential decisions, and support and explain reasoning for decisions.
  • Sales/Persuasion – Establishes rapport and trust while determining customer needs, presents products or services that address the customer’s needs, overcomes objections, offers alternatives, persists an closes while maintaining rapport, and exerts influence over outcome through trust and competence.
  • Technical Expertise – Maintains the minimum knowledge and skills required for the position, assesses strengths and weaknesses, pursues training and development opportunities to continuously build skills, and serves as a resource for the organization

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