Revel Woods Announces the Launch of

Revel Woods recently launched a new website,, to meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer.

“When we approached this project, our mission was to create an online boutique experience. We wanted to remove a lot of the complications for the consumer, and use technology to simulate the experience of an expert craftsman walking you through every step of the way,” says John Dupra, Co-Founder, Revel Woods. “Our goal is to make buying beautiful, responsibly sourced hardwoods easy and affordable. It’s that simple.”

Different types of hardwood flooring perform differently depending on a number of factors. The first step when a customer visits the website is to provide the necessary information about his or her lifestyle and home. The site starts by asking a range of questions about the installation space and how the buyer plans to use it so that every option shown will be tailored to exact needs.

Customers are then encouraged to order a sample box, which allows them to see their favorite selections in their home with their lighting and surroundings. Up to four different samples can be included in one sample pack, including two pieces of each product to show the character and variation of the board.

Transparency in pricing is another key component of the overall experience. Through an application program interface (API) with Old Dominion, Revel Woods is able to immediately calculate the cost of shipping and build it into the square footage price.

Once the customer places his or her order, and the delivery date is set, roughly a week before the shipment is scheduled to arrive a welcome kit is sent to the customer’s home. That kit includes a branded hygrometer so the customer can start monitoring the RH in the home before the floor arrives and post installation; a cleaning kit designed for the specific floor; and an owner’s manual.

Revel Woods encourages its customers to use an NWFA Certified Installer. In addition, these professionals have the opportunity for a professional account through the website. Individuals interested in a professional account can submit an application on the site, NWFA members are immediately granted one. Once granted a professional account, the individual receives a code that can be provided to his or her customers. When the customer uses that code at checkout, he or she will receive a discount on the order. Then the owner of the code used will receive a small percentage commission on that sale as well.

“We’d love to see this concept transform the industry if it does that we think it would be a positive revolution. We’ve got the story, we’ve got the product, it’s a plant based, carbon neutral, renewable resource. That story is there; we just have to start telling it,” he concluded.

Editor’s Note: Hardwood Floors Magazine was given the exclusive opportunity to learn more about the technology behind the website. Watch for extended coverage of this story in the upcoming August/September edition of the magazine.

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