Mirage Hardwood Floors Launches New Color and Grade

Mirage has announced the addition of a new color in the Escape Collection as well as the exclusive grade in its Muse and DreamVille collections.

The new color Galena has been added to the Escape Collection. Inspired by the town of the same name in Illinois, Mirage says the combination of Red Oak and its rich gold tone reminds them of the sun rays warming the brick facades of the historical buildings that give a picturesque charm to the city. This color comes in engineered technology, in 5″ width, and classic technology, in 3-1/4″ and 4-1/4″ widths, available with the Cashmere finish.

In addition to this new color, Mirage Floors also launches the exclusive grade in its DreamVille and Muse collections. This grade presents a clearer look than the character grade but provides wood planks with some pronounced and nuanced coloration with a limited range of color variation.

Both the DreamVille and Muse collections boast eight colors available in TruBalance Lite technology, in 5″ and 7″ widths as well as 5″ herringbone, and lock technology, in 5″ width, with the DuraMatt® finish. DreamVille is also available in classic technology in 4-1/4″ width. The lock technology will be available in the DreamVille and Muse collections, in 5″ width with the DuraMatt® finish.

“In response to increasing customer demand, we’ve expanded our product offerings to include the exclusive grade, which has garnered greater interest compared to the character grade. Furthermore, we’re confident that Galena will meet the installation and design requirements of both daring and traditional customers while providing them with a timeless and sought-after look,” said Jérôme Goulet, marketing director at MIRAGE.