Floorcloud® Utilizing Verizon IoT Capabilities

Floorcloud® has selected Verizon Business as connectivity provider for its jobsite climate monitoring intelligence technology. Floorcloud says they are harnessing the power of Verizon’s Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to enhance the quality and efficiency of installations in the construction industry. Floorcloud enables contractors to remotely monitor their jobsite’s interior climate conditions in near real-time, 24/7 from any mobile device or computer.

“We are thrilled to work with Floorcloud, an innovator in the construction industry who is providing real-time insights that enhance efficiency and project quality for customers, and helping to set a new standard for construction technology,” Kevin Fleming, senior IoT technology product manager at Verizon Business Group.

To highlight the impact of Verizon technology on Floorcloud’s business, Verizon has produced a marketing video featuring testimonials about how Floorcloud helps protect installation quality and the bottom line of their businesses. View the video here.

David Meberg, CEO of Consolidated Flooring stated, “Habitually, the construction industry has been a late adopter. I would say that in some senses, we’re behind the curve,” explained Meberg. “Tools like this did not exist years ago. When we went out to the jobsites, we had to do our own record keeping or, worse, rely on other entities to do the record keeping and trust that it was valid. This piece of equipment can be utilized on any type of job or used by any type of contractor, regardless of size, to protect their installations and the bottom line of their businesses.”

Each hour, Floorcloud says sensors record and compare ambient climate conditions to those specified by product manufacturers. If jobsite conditions go out of specification, Floorcloud users immediately receive push notification, text alerts on their mobile devices.

Scott Banda, co-founder and CEO of Floorcloud stated, “No other jobsite monitoring solution today is as simple to use, accurate and reliable. Simply download the Floorcloud app, create a project, connect your products, scan a sensor’s QR code and go!” Within minutes users are up and running, receiving real-time data on mobile devices. Data can be easily shared with key stakeholders with one click. With interior climate intelligence now in the palm of their hands, Floorcloud’s many customers are now able to improve their scheduling, save time traveling to and from jobsites and share information with all project stakeholders with ease.”

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