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Odie’s Oil isn’t new; it has been in use for more than 40 years in both indoor and outdoor applications. Odie’s Oil is tung oil-based, but we make the world’s toughest oil many times stronger. Odie’s Oil does fantastic things for you and the floors you finish, naturally and without toxic chemicals – which is good news for you and your customers.

The application methodology is very different and new for you to learn.

A survey of the flooring industry finish options reveals that in each category, the chemistry is mostly the same from finish to finish, with little individual variations among each brand. The Odie’s Oil product line is the one brand that stands out among the choices of finishes. While Odie’s Oil falls into the category of penetrating or hard-wax oil, it completely transcends the formulation decks and circumvents many of the drawbacks associated with some other finishes.

Most of the hard-wax floor finishes on the market today are actually film-forming finishes (what can otherwise be called wipe-on polys) acting as a layer on top of the surface with some lesser penetration. The evidence of this is that they require a scratch pattern for adhesion via sanding grit limits. Hence, durability is questionable, and maintenance requirements are higher. Odie’s Oil is entirely different because it does not use film-forming technology. Instead, all of it (100 percent) resides inside and between the wood fibers. Since Odie’s Oil is 98 percent solids, it has far less solvent than other finishes. That’s a crucial reason why Odie’s Oil goes so much further than other brands of finish and stabilizes the wood. Odie’s Oil is the forever finish, which can’t wear off because it resides inside the wood, and maintenance is nothing more than cleaning. It’s a big money maker for installers because of its far lower price in coverage, cash, materials, and application labor time. For example, a $55 bottle of finish (9 ounces) covers 230 to 250 square feet of white oak flooring, or up to 550 square feet on more-dense species such as Ipé. Use the Janka hardness test as your guide, with white oak at 1360 as your benchmark. Think of how much extra money you will pocket per project!

Simplicity versus Complexity

A single application is all that is needed to give a floor an unbeatable finish that’s truly water, stain, chemical, and pet-proof. No water popping, screening between coats, or returning to apply another coat needed. No changing pads or rushing across the floor because the finish is setting up on you. No more worrying about applying and buffing off section by section within a few minutes; with Odie’s, you can apply the whole floor and then go back and buff it off. Take your time and slowly work it into the wood – the result is a calming and pleasant scented application process.

High sheen levels can be achieved simply by sanding to a higher grit (there are no sanding limits). Just be sure not to skip grits! An additional second coat can be applied, to achieve a different effect, such as a velvety look and feel, or higher sheen, using Odie’s Wood Butter (the application method requires working it in even more and applying the butter directly to the pad). Odie’s Dark Oil can give you an oxidized, fumed, or aged look with just a single coat. When applying any Odie’s Oil finish, slowly work the product into the surface with a red pad, then buff it off with a white pad, removing 100 percent of the remaining oil from the surface. Finally, follow with a final quick buff-off with a cotton terrycloth towel, and your floor is complete on the very same day. Be sure to remove all remaining oil from the surface so it is dry to the touch without smears, smudges, residue, or footprints.

No worries about callbacks because you won’t have any if you apply it correctly. However, corrective actions within the first couple of weeks are typically nothing more than reapplying some Odie’s Oil (which reactivates the finish) and then buffing it off.

Attaining color is easy, nearly infinite, and determined by the user. Just stir in one of 26 creative colors, or blend the powders to create a custom color, or use our safer solvent-based method to create a solid color. Colors can be anything from translucent to solid, and sheen levels can be matte to high gloss. Afterward, you can dial the color and the sheen level up or down. It’s entirely up to the user. The ease with which this can be achieved is refreshing. Unlike many other finishes, there is no pre-staining required. Beautiful color is achieved in the same single application of finishing. And there are no more unused cans of stain or colored oils lying around.

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