Luxury Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring: A Lifetime Investment

As flooring professionals, navigating a challenging economic landscape requires a strategy to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainability. When it comes to choosing the perfect floor, advising individuals to select luxury wide plank hardwood flooring over low-quality alternatives is key, especially during tough times. As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of luxury wide plank hardwood flooring and other building materials, we understand firsthand why these products are superior.

Luxury wide plank hardwood flooring stands the test of time, outlasting lower quality alternatives such as laminate or vinyl by years, if not decades. As professionals, recommending high-quality hardwood flooring guarantees a customer will not face replacement costs or repairs prematurely. Not only will the customer be happy with a purchase that lasts, but also your recommendation as a flooring professional.

Customers will see their value of money in luxury wide plank hardwood flooring immediately, but also in the future if they decide to sell their home or business. Our luxury wide plank flooring can elevate rooms with its aesthetic appeal making any project seemingly high-end. Promoting this type of product will help any customer maximize their property’s resale value, even in the most challenging markets.

Although low-quality options seem budget-friendly, they lack the timeless charm and authentic beauty hardwood has to offer. Advocating for an inherently stunning product will help every customer achieve a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere that alone, will make the purchase rewarding for you and the client.

While the initial cost of laminate or vinyl is cheaper, the lengthened lifespan and the limited maintenance of hardwood flooring are incomparable. These attributes translate to a significant amount of savings over time. A customer’s value for money is remarkably higher and their financial investment ultimately pays dividends in the future.

Lower-quality alternatives seem to offer endless colors and patterns, however, our luxury wide plank hardwood flooring also has the capabilities to meet today’s design tastes and tomorrow’s design trends. Through a choice of several species, solid or our very own Re-Core® Engineered Core Plywood platforms, multi-layer finishing options, and endless customization abilities, Olde Wood Ltd. is sure customers will find the perfect floor for their project.

Lastly, sustainability is key. And this is especially true at Olde Wood Ltd., a zero-waste manufacturing facility. Whether antique reclaimed or milled from mature-growth trees, customers are committed to the preservation of America’s history and environmental values when they purchase our hardwood flooring.

As flooring professionals, you have the opportunity to recommend products to clients. By supporting luxury wide plank hardwood flooring as the preferred choice during trying times, you are presenting a superior product and the opportunity for individuals to take part in a lifetime investment. In other words, by offering a product that exhibits strength, durability, longevity, value, and beauty, you are not only satisfying customers but also strengthening your reputation as a trusted expert in the industry.

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