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Selecting the perfect wood floor is not just a functional choice, but also a statement. For centuries, hardwood has continued to be the floor of choice in many residential and commercial projects because of its timeless appeal and considerable lifespan.

Through revolutionary machinery and forward thinking mindsets, wood flooring has been able to successfully evolve with the tastes and trends of society. Today, when thinking about wood flooring, two words often come to mind: modern and luxury. Through long lines, contemporary finishes, exceptional durability and many other attributes, wood flooring is sure to elevate any project in the blink of an eye.

Modern Wood Flooring

Modern wood flooring provides a sleek, stylish look that is desired by many. With elegant characteristics and endless capabilities, modern wood flooring showcases a stylish, upscale look that standard floors cannot match.

Some of the longest length boards in the industry help bring a unique, modern appearance and feel to each room. At Olde Wood Limited, boards spanning from 2’ to 12’ and longer create a continuous flow that carries beauty seamlessly throughout each and every doorway.

Along with stunning lines, wide plank boards allow for a larger spread of detail that is often missed in narrow cuts. Highlighting the natural grain patterns and distinctive characteristics of authentic planks helps create an illusion of openness in every room.

This wood can be sourced from a variety of species, some common and others rare. All species offer a one-ofa-kind appearance that is unique to each individual board. Some of these unconventional species can push the boundaries of traditional design and create exclusive looks that have never been seen before.

Lastly, contemporary colors can be added to finish every project and enhance the true beauty of modern wood floors. These finishes can mute or accentuate characteristics in the floor and bring any harmonious space together.

Luxury Wood Flooring

Luxury wood flooring heightens any project with opulence and authenticity. With the finest quality and expert craftsmanship, luxury wood flooring embodies charm and sophistication in every design.

Olde Wood Limited takes pride in the preservation of American history and the authenticity of every wood floor that is produced in the mill. Each board is hand inspected throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality lumber is utilized. From start to finish, these boards experience superior processes and procedures that generate lavish results.

The genuineness of each wood board mirrors the strength and durability of the trees and wooden structures in which they were sourced. This natural dignity and longevity proves to be an admired asset only found in luxury wood flooring.

Despite the stunning appearance of luxury wood flooring in its natural state, the look can be elevated even further with installation design choice. From random and specific widths to herringbone style, every installation design will create a breathtaking array of beauty. Endless design possibilities allow for every order to have a captivating and grand appearance.

Lastly, behind every custom wood floor is a story. Each board is brought to life from fully mature trees or brought back to life from aged wooden structures to share a journey that is one-of-a-kind. This history carries an extra element that is sure to be the talking point of any project.

Combining Excellence

Modern and luxury are both impressive on their own, but together they create something truly magnificent. For decades, individuals have strived to meet both standards but have not been able to satisfy their design vision.

Combining modern and luxury seems like a daunting task but the results are unquestionably worth it. Incorporating elegance and authenticity in countless variations allows for virtually every room to look unique and prestigious.

The Leading Modern Luxury Wood Floor Manufacturer

Olde Wood Limited is one of the largest and most recognized wide plank flooring producers in the country, offering stunning floors from prized hardwood that has stood the test of time.

Olde Wood Limited’s streamlined, in-house manufacturing uses state-of-the-art milling equipment to meet any specification and deliver any quantity of unfinished to prefinished flooring in a host of custom sizes, grades, and finish types, end-matched and ready for easy and immediate installation.

Olde Wood Limited offers high-quality engineered and antique reclaimed flooring capabilities to fit every design need and expectation. Through revolutionary processes and forward thinking, Olde Wood Limited is able to fill any size order and produce a vast assortment of colors, textures, surfaces, sizes, shapes, and accessories for every project. From dark to light coloration, character-filled to prime-grade and everything in between, individuals are sure to find the perfect modern luxury wood floor at Olde Wood Limited.

Quality hardwood floors are here to stay but flooring trends will come and go. That is why our ongoing commitment is to produce the most sought-after lines of traditional, antique reclaimed, and domestic hardwood floors available to today’s residential and commercial markets. This makes the decision on what modern luxury floor to choose for any project, that much easier.

– by Olde Wood Ltd

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