Bringing History Back to Life

Searching for the perfect hardwood floor to install in your next project may seem like a lengthy process, but this step is only a small portion of an antique reclaimed board’s lifetime. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago, an antique reclaimed floor began its journey. Age and experience shaped its character and molded its beauty unlike any other, so each board could tell a story that speaks to you. This flooring is more than antique reclaimed wood, it is a narrative that you will forever be a part of.

The Life Cycle of Your Antique Reclaimed Floor

Antique reclaimed flooring has stood the test of time and carried American history through every milestone. From growing roots to modern installation, every part of the process contributes to the authentic appearance of these stunning products, some of which are extinct or now protected.

1. Since the beginning of time, trees have abundantly grown across the land in beautiful colors and seeds continue to be dispersed and are carried by Mother Nature until they reach their destination. Here, these seedlings will begin their life as a tree – growing tall and standing strong.

2. Through wind, rain, and sun, these young trees continue to gain strength and determination. This unwavering commitment to stand tall and grow with adversity is something that is admired by many. For years to come, these trees mature and develop tighter growth rings that lead to a sturdy, dignified stature.

3. Once artisan builders recognized the structural integrity of these old growth trees, it was only a matter of time before they began utilizing their surroundings. Logging the tallest trees to build a stable framework became more efficient and effective each day. A favorable material for homes, barns, and businesses, this old growth lumber worked to protect and house families, animals, and work.

4. These structures that were once so lively, eventually stand again, through wind, rain, and sun, this artisan architecture gains strength and determination in a different form. With such beauty and integrity, Olde Wood Limited refuses to let these resources stand lifeless when they deserve to continue their story. Carefully and confidently, the Olde Wood Limited team dismantles these old, wooden structures and transports them back to their facility in Magnolia, Ohio.

5. At Olde Wood Limited, time does not stand still. With more than 27 years of industry experience, the experts at Olde Wood Limited have continued to implement revolutionary machinery and ideas to ensure every standard and expectation is met. Each board is hand inspected, graded, and sorted to guarantee the finest quality wood is precision milled to perfection. Olde Wood Limited manufactures beautiful hardwood flooring of the highest specifications and quality using carefully crafted material that has been salvaged, reclaimed, and masterfully restored from the elements of vintage barns, turn-of-the-century buildings, and other historic structures that once stood alone with overwhelming potential.

6. And now, you have the opportunity to choose the perfect antique reclaimed wood floor for your next project. You are installing something much more than a wood plank. You are installing a story filled with American history and modern technology, a conversation piece that will brighten and elevate any room, and a luxury addition to any project you can dream of.

Olde Wood Limited’s Antique Reclaimed wood flooring offers one-of-a-kind natural beauty with stunning characteristics. Naturally aged over hundreds of years, our antique reclaimed flooring exhibits a unique richness, strength, and beauty that clearly sets it apart from conventional flooring. From Antique Reclaimed Oak that was once used to build early settlements, to rare Antique Reclaimed American Walnut, each hand-inspected piece of our wide plank flooring bears a history and personality that gracefully tells a story through the knots, nail and peg holes, checking and saw marks mixed within the beautiful color and rich patina.

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