The Spirit of Innovation

Keeping Yesterday’s Best Traditions and Adding Tomorrow’s Top Technologies

By Berger-Seidle®

“Passion for top performance” is part of Berger-Seidle’s DNA. Contractors who have had the change to visit the Berger-Seidle headquarters, meet their USA team, or simply have used the products know what we are talking about. Values, reliability, innovation, health protection, freedom of choice, readiness to deliver, sustainability, investment in future of top-notch products, and production plants are visible in every step.

Berger-Seidle is a globally leading manufacturer of wood floor finishing products, covering the full range, from adhesive to maintenance, alcohol to water base, 1K to 2K, penetrating to layer building, clear to the world of colors, and traditional to the latest innovations.

Run by the third and fourth generations of the company, Berger-Seidle is probably the last large, globally leading specialized manufacturer of the industry independent from foreign owner or private equity. Passion, competence, family spirit, personal commitment, and dynamics drive the company in all products categories and across all team members. This is what you feel when getting in touch with the people and experiencing the great workability of the products.

Berger-Seidle’s history goes back to “made in Germany since 1926” and in the USA with an additional subsidiary since 1997 in Duluth, Georgia. Since then, they constantly innovated with next generation products and problem solvers, while keeping with traditions.

Markus M. Adam, owner and the fourth generation of the family, lived in the USA and commits himself to the North American wood flooring industry. He answered some questions about Berger-Seidle’s traditional and innovative spirit.

What Are Your Latest Top Innovations?

GreenStar: This is our unique 2K water based top innovation. Since 2016, it has set the standard for green, premium wood floor finishing. No isocyanate, no aziridine, no hazard labeling, no skin protection, no CO2 off-gassing, plus many outstanding certifications. It comes in four gloss levels from glossy to ultra matte and the unique, handy kangaroo packaging.

CeramicStar: It offers contractors an incredible 12-hour full cure time after the last layer. No need to think about on-site UV anymore; this is a perfect solution for the fast jobsite. Not only that, it is now also certified as a fire-retardant system of the category Cfl. The outstanding price-quality-ratio guarantees best performance made in Germany at a very good price.

Pinkqualizer: This great product equalizes the pink or red color tone in red oak floors. It is a water based reactive. A big advantage is speed, being applied in only one step.

NordicWhite: This product is the perfect solution to whiten-up your floor with a water based 1K finish. The customer may decide layer by layer how soft or strong they want the white tone. This product offers a smooth, safe, controlled, and easy application for the contractor, avoiding floors with white spots or roller marks.

ExpressStain COLOR: Offering what you expect from a classic solvent-based stain. A beautiful, wide color range, safe and easy application, endless options to combine and create colors, and with ExoBloc + TUBRO as the first coat, you can already over coat after only two hour. We are redefining the rules for our partners and contractors in the North American market.

People Say “Colormaster Pro by Berger-Seidle Is Changing the Game” for the Industry. What Is the Benefit?

The ColorMaster PRO brings real game-changing benefits to all our customers, both contractors and our distribution partners. In just a few words, we would summarize it this way: any color, any time, immediately, independently. And all of this without any massive storage, waste, shipping costs, or delays. Of of that is fully flexible: the ColorMaster PRO concept is customized for each of our Berger-Seidle partners across North America.

Generally, What About Marketing vs. Honesty?

Berger-Seidle always puts honesty first. You won’t find misleading or marketing driven “interpretations” in our communication. Technology, facts, and workability speak for themselves. This is why we say: Don’t believe marketing shows. The truth is in the can!

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