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Peachey Hardwood Flooring | Reedsville, Pennsylvania


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Peachey MANUPeachey Hardwood Flooring, a national manufacturer, has collaborated with Textures Flooring to create an exceptional wood floor at Southall, a luxurious resort located in Franklin, Tennessee. The designer’s vision for this project was to bring the natural outdoors into the dining experience, resulting in a unique and immersive environment.

For this project, Peachey Hardwood Flooring crafted a combination of 5” wide and 4” wide by 24” long herringbone, engineered reclaimed oak planks, preserving the original face to showcase the authentic texture and history of the wood.

As Brandi Copeland from Peachey Hardwood Flooring explains, using the original face of the reclaimed wood enables the preservation of the unique characteristics and stories each board carries, reflecting their rich history and experiences over the years.

The installation process featured a variety of placement styles, with each room boasting its own distinct design. From traditional plank flooring and custom-milled herringbone to an on-site hand-cut multi-quadrant chevron pattern, the versatility and adaptability of Peachey’s products allowed the installers to showcase their skills and creativity.

Peachey MANU Alternative ViewThe finishing process for this reclaimed oak flooring involved a meticulous UV line application, featuring four coats of finish and a full UV curing process. This approach ensured a durable and beautiful surface that enhances the character of the reclaimed wood and exudes a timeless charm that integrates with the resort’s aesthetic.

This project demonstrates the extraordinary results that can be achieved when skilled manufacturers, designers, and installers collaborate, creating a dining experience that reflects the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Installation Method: Glue Down
Flooring Type: Engineered, Reclaimed, Plank
Flooring Finish: UV 10 Sheen
Finish Sheen: 10 Sheen
Species: Reclaimed Oak
Pattern: In one room, the hardwood flooring was hand cut into a chevron pattern on-site to fit the designer’s vision. It was then installed in multiple quadrants. Another room has a custom milled 4” x 24” herringbone.
Square Feet: 9,700

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