Wickham Hardwood Flooring Expands Ownership

Jean Pierre Nittolo, principal owner of Wickham Hardwood Flooring based in Wickham, Quebec, Canada, announced that current ownership has approved the addition of minority shareholders to the company.

Paul Rezuke, vice president of U.S. sales, Derick Roy, director of Canadian sales, and Chloe Desjardins, head of marketing, have been approved. Their ownership became effective April 27, 2023.

As vice president of sales since 2016, the company says Rezuke has increased Wickham’s presence in the U.S. At the time of his hire, Wickham sales in the U.S. represented less than 50 percent, and in 2023 sales in the U.S. will be around 65 percent. Since joining Wickham, Roy and Desjardins have become integral components to the sales, operations, and customer service teams in both the U.S. and Canada. The company says these new owners bring a dedicated commitment to the long-term stability of Wickham Hardwood Flooring.

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