Welcome to Wisconsin – Meet the NWFA Manufacturer Members in the Badger State

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Wisconsin is home to dairy farming, badgers, beer, and its residents affectionately are known as “Cheeseheads.” However, the state also has a long history with forest products. In fact, forest land covers almost half of Wisconsin’s total land area,¹ and more than 63,000 people are employed by its forest products industry². Lumber and wood products make up 18 percent of Wisconsin’s forest product exports³.

It’s no wonder there is such a strong contingent of NWFA manufacturer members located in Wisconsin. As you prepare to attend the 2023 NWFA Expo in Milwaukee, we are introducing you to some of these manufacturers. Read on to learn about their products in the wood flooring industry and their recommendations on what to see and do while you’re in the area.

Milwaukee prides itself on being a place that welcomes everyone. No matter who you are or what you celebrate, Milwaukee has something for you. For additional resources, visit nwfaexpo.org.

Wisconsin Fast Facts

  • Population: 5.9+ Million
  • Capital: Madison
  • Largest City: Milwaukee
  • Nickname: The Badger State
  • State Tree: Sugar Maple
  • Acres of Forest: 17 Million
  • Lumber and Wood Products Export Value: $270+ Million

¹Source: Forest Inventory and Analysis National Program
²Source: Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Annual 2018 QCEW
³Source: U.S. Census Trade Data Set via WISERTrade 2018 Exports from Wisconsin to all countries

Action Floor Systems


The business of wood flooring runs four generations deep for Tom Abendroth, president of Action Floor Systems. His great-grandfather, Albert Abendroth, started milling maple flooring, which he notes was the beginning of the maple flooring industry in the United States. His great-grandfather, grandfather (Walter Abendroth), and father (Carl Abendroth) are all in the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame.

Tom Abendroth and Dan Corullo, vice president and co-founder, launched Action Floor Systems in 1988.

They consider themselves a “sports floor systems” company since they also design the product that goes underneath the hardwood flooring and offer sustainable products.

“Since this is where we got our start, hardwood maple sports flooring is kind of the heart and soul of Action Floors,” says Abendroth. “We have a variety of hardwood maple floor systems for our customers to choose from, and they’re perfect for sports like basketball, volleyball, and racquetball.”

Action Floor Systems has approximately 100 employees, and is growing. All of their manufacturing takes place in Mercer, a town of fewer than 1,000 people. They support national charities, local school programs and athletics, fundraising events, sponsorships, conservation efforts, and health and wellness organizations.

When in Wisconsin…

Tom Abendroth:
I would highly suggest going to a Brewers game, taking in the sights along the Riverwalk, or touring the Pabst Mansion.

Bostik Inc.


Booth 1020

Bostik traces its origins 130 years ago to Chelsea, Massachusetts, as a producer of colorings and dyes for leather. Now known in the wood flooring industry for manufacturing hardwood installation adhesives and systems, the company’s North American headquarters is based in Wauwatosa. There are more than 250 employees at this location and more than 6,000 globally.

“Bostik’s signature product has been Bostik’s Best Hardwood Adhesive since it first revolutionized the hardwood flooring installation industry more than 35 years ago,” says Jake Stadler, market manager – hardwood and soft flooring systems for Bostik. “Today, adhesive technology has advanced, and we now have products that provide unlimited moisture vapor protection, sound abatement, excellent workability, and are easy to clean off finished flooring before and after curing.”

Since the NWFA Expo is taking place in Bostik’s hometown, they are giving the nod to another brand from Milwaukee by giving away a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle to one lucky hardwood flooring contractor. Through May 4, 2023, any Continental U.S.-based, licensed, professional hardwood installation contractor may enter the Bostik Contractor Motorcycle Sweepstakes. Details may be found at bostik.com/motorcyclesweeps.

When in Wisconsin…

Jake Stadler:
Milwaukee is still very underrated as a city that is filled with culture and attractions – there is no shortage of things to do while in town! I would recommend finding some time to unwind at one of a multitude of craft breweries or beer gardens overlooking Lake Michigan. My personal favorite is South Shore Terrace.

Flooring & Equipment LLC


Booth 1327

Flooring & Equipment is a supplier of logs, lumber, flooring, and used woodworking machinery. Located in Wisconsin for more than 40 years, the company is known for wood products, including wood blockboard core, used for making flooring, furniture, doors, tables, and more, as a substitute to plywood.

Gary Ort, owner and CEO of Flooring & Equipment, has been around lumber, logs, wood, and flooring his whole life. He credits his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather for building that foundation for him.

He describes Flooring & Equipment’s wood blockboard as unique, distinctive, eco-friendly, flexible, stable, renewable, and sustainable. He says they offer real wood products to customers both nationwide and abroad, as well as allow customers to purchase these products customizable to their specifications.

“Wood blockboard core has been produced with 100 percent content of lumber from the U.S. forest,” explains Ort. “Some wood species include soft and hard maple, cherry, walnut, birch, ash, red and white oak, hickory, and alder.”

When in Wisconsin…

Gary Ort:
NWFA Expo attendees will be able to see our wood flooring and blockboard samples.

Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg. Inc.


Booth 844

More than 40 years ago, Russ Martin had a full-time job at a local paper company and sharpened saws on the side for some “fun money.” By 1979, it became evident there was a need for custom cutting tools, so Martin became a full-time tool maker and incorporated Great Lakes Carbide Tool Mfg. Inc. To better reflect all of the company’s offerings, it later became Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg. Inc. (GLCT).

Growth has remained steady, and a 20,000-square-foot addition was completed in the spring of 2022, bringing the company to approximately 100,000 square feet of space and 85 employees. They are known for the Great-Loc® Insert, PCD (diamond-tipped) tongue and groove cutters, end match blades, and Helicarb® cutters.

“The true source of quality resides with every one of our people,” says Martin, owner of GLCT. “Each project, no matter the size or complexity, is an opportunity for us to reinforce our customers’ faith in us by consistently delivering the highest level of service and products.”

GLCT works closely with the area schools and technical colleges, introducing students to CNC machining and overall tool manufacturing and donating tooling to the schools for education purposes.

When in Wisconsin…

Russ Martin:
Come see how it’s made at Great Lakes Custom Tool.

Hardwood Floors of Hillsboro, LLC


Salena Ball and Kent Barnes officially began Hardwood Floors of Hillsboro in 2007. However, the roots of it began as an installation, sand, and finish company back in 2000. While that venture grew, so did their desire to manufacture high-quality northern hardwood flooring products.

That process now takes place in a 12,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Hillsboro. It’s there that lumber is received and checked for grade, quality, board footage, and moisture before being ripped into blanks. And, northern milled strip/plank flooring ultimately is produced, including the northern white oak in three grades that for which the company is known.

“Hardwood Floors of Hillsboro is located within 60 miles of the ‘breadbasket’ of some of the finest American black walnut on the upper Mississippi River valley corridor,” says Ball, co-owner of Hardwood Floors of Hillsboro. “It has the best dark coloration, second to none!”

The team is planning to experience the NWFA Expo for the first time in Milwaukee and says they can’t wait to meet more of the wonderful people of the wood flooring industry.

When in Wisconsin…

Salena Ball:
Eat some of the best-tasting and widest variety of cheese in the U.S.A. made by the award-winning Carr Valley Cheese company located in southwest Wisconsin.

Hardwoods of Wisconsin


Booth 1310

As you might guess by the name, Hardwoods of Wisconsin has been in Wisconsin since its inception in 2005. However, its origins date back to 1955 when Marv Kahle opened Kahle Carpet Company in 1955 in Dubuque, Iowa. The business grew to offer all kinds of flooring throughout the Midwest and ultimately transitioned to Wisconsin. Hardwoods of Wisconsin was then led by Marv’s son, Jeff Kahle. As installation contractors, they ended up being more and more involved in the wood production process. They noticed a void that needed to be filled with specialty flooring and realized they could do it on their own, a little at a time.

“We are a third-generation family business in the flooring industry,” says Josh Kahle, president/owner of Hardwoods of Wisconsin. “We pride ourselves on being flexible and efficient. Our size is our strength because we have the flexibility of a small company, but the scalability of a large company.”

They are known for their custom wide-width, long-length European white oak, as well as custom UV finishing, and reclaimed flooring. They offer end grain, wall tiles, and a new furniture division, after Kahle’s business partner, Kyle Jordan, began making stair parts and furniture that matched clients’ flooring. In Elkhorn, they have about 25,000 square feet of space among warehouse, finishing, and manufacturing facilities.

When in Wisconsin…

Josh Kahle:
Go to the Milwaukee Art Museum and see the Calatrava sculpture or stop by the Historic Third Ward. See a baseball game at Miller Park.

Infinity Wood Floors/ Aacer Flooring


Booth 1402

Founded in 2012, all of Infinity Wood Floors’ manufacturing is done in Wisconsin. Last year, Infinity Wood Floors purchased Aacer Flooring and joined the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA). The company says they are known for high-quality milling and grading, and MFMA Northern Hard Maple.

“Infinity Wood Floors has experienced some major growth in the past couple of years with its manufacturing facility in Crandon, warehousing in Hortonville, and state-of-the-art portable basketball manufacturing facility in Appleton,” says Tom Blakeman, sales manager for Infinity Wood Floors/Aacer Flooring. “Infinity Wood Floors employs more than 40 employees at our various facilities. With the acquisition of Aacer Flooring, we see more expansion in the future.”

Infinity Wood Floors cites its mission as being to enhance its customers’ success by providing the highest-quality precision-machined products, value-added solutions, and an uncompromising focus on customer service. The company will highlight their sport flooring series from portable floors to permanent Aacer Sport Floor systems at their booth during the NWFA Expo.

When in Wisconsin…

Tom Blakeman:
Visit the award-winning Milwaukee Art Museum.

Kwaterski Bros. Wood Products

Eagle River

For Kwaterski Bros. Wood Products, the business has been all about family from the start. They built a sawmill to provide some of the wood building materials for their family construction firm. In 1979, Mike and Jim Kwaterski’s parents decided to move to Florida, so the brothers purchased the sawmill and attached building. As the economy and home building market were in a free-fall in 1982, they changed the business from a sawmill to a planing mill to produce tongue and groove paneling and flooring.

Kwaterski Bros. eventually moved the business from Three Lakes to Eagle River into a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse facility with a showroom. They offer specialty hardwood flooring, and unique textures, including burnished, wire-brushed texture, and lightly scraped time-worn edges.

“We offer a variety of custom hardwood flooring, allowing customers to select from a variety of species,” said Mike Kwaterski, President/Owner of Kwaterski Bros. “We prefinish our floors in-house, and create samples so customers know exactly what stains, colors, and textures will look like on their customized flooring before it goes into production.”

Jim has retired from the business, but the family aspect remains. Mike’s wife, Karla, joined the company, and he’s surrounded by a team that feels like family, too. Kwaterski Bros. supports a number of local events and organizations in the community, including the Three Lakes Center for the Arts, Eagle River Snowmobile Derby, Three Lakes Lions Club, Headwaters Builders Association, Three Eagle Trail, After the War (a local non-profit), and the Northwoods Children’s Museum.

When in Wisconsin…

Mike Kwaterski:
Have a brandy or whiskey Old-Fashioned at a supper club, get cheese curds, and visit the Milwaukee Art Museum.

North Wood Flooring LLC


Booth 1028

After many years in the wood business, Tom Bieberitz decided to go out on his own and opened North Wood Flooring in 2005. With one facility in Coleman and another in Suring, the company has 230,000 total square feet of facilities and nearly 100 employees.

Beiberitz, owner of North Wood Flooring, says they are known for high-end and long lengths. They produce prefinished and unfinished solid wood flooring and started producing prefinished and unfinished engineered wood flooring a couple of years ago. He looks forward to promoting the engineered product and prefinished line with Expo attendees this year.

“We do a lot of very unique things. We have probably one of the most team-oriented businesses in this field,” says Beiberitz. “We have some of the best and most loyal employees, and have had around 20 employees who have not missed a day for years.”

He adds that the business truly is made possible by the team. North Wood Flooring touts receiving safety awards and has twice won Wisconsin’s Small Business Manufacturer of the Year award.

When in Wisconsin…

Tom Bieberitz:
Wisconsin’s a pretty unique place. You have to have cheese curds and bratwurst, and see the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Oshkosh Designs


Oshkosh Designs began in 1991 as Historic Floors of Oshkosh. Back then, Thomas Skoglind, COO, explains that the company was filling a void and recreating the look and feel of vintage borders, parquets, and inlays unavailable elsewhere for historic homes. Over time, the company also expanded to include modern and custom applications and changed the name to Oshkosh Designs to convey the broad nature of its abilities.

“We are known for our ability to create one-of-a-kind, unique, and custom flooring to perfectly suit our customers’ needs,” says Skoglind. “Many times, they are not sure if their ideas are even possible to produce as a floor, but most of the time, we are able to make their vision a reality. So, our signature would be bespoke flooring.”

The company’s designs are featured in homes and businesses around the world. And they were recently featured on the television show “World’s Greatest!…,” in the flooring manufacturer category.

In the community, Oshkosh Designs is involved with a local high school STEM program to help students explore the real- world manufacturing career possibilities those classes prepare them for. The company also has contributed to the NWFA’s efforts with the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment) program, which provides specially adapted smart homes for severely wounded veterans and first responders.

When in Wisconsin…

Thomas Skoglind:
Lambeau Field and the Harley-Davidson Museum are always big hits with locals and visitors alike.

Smartplank Hardwood Floors


Booth 538

Smartplank Hardwood Floors was created in 2018 after the team decided they had all of the necessary tools to provide a completely custom product. Then, they developed a digital tool on the company’s website to build those custom floors. Tim Flagstad, marketing director for Smartplank, says they also work with a company that provides embedded blue tooth data loggers.

“The data loggers are preinstalled in all of the floors that we ship. This provides guidance to help the end-user maintain the proper environment for their hardwood flooring,” explains Flagstad. “We have since developed our next-generation sensor that is Wi-Fi enabled. This will allow the end-user to receive temperature and humidity updates no matter where they are.”

Having sold products across the U.S., the company is known for quality, proprietary technology, and the ability to give the end-user anything they want. They have a network of manufacturing partners that provide texturing and prefinishing. A job often includes two or three partners during the manufacturing process. At Expo, they will be launching a new 3D Build A Floor tool, and Wi-Fi enabled data logger, which is embedded in all of their floors.

When in Wisconsin…

Tim Flagstad:
There are quite a few unique microbreweries and many terrific local restaurants. Feel
free to stop in at our booth #538 and ask for Tim.

Snow Country Hardwoods Inc.


Booth 822

Snow Country Hardwoods started 25 years ago as an off-shoot of Snowbelt Hardwoods. Known for hard maple and Northern red oak, the company manufactures 100 percent of its products at the facility in northern Wisconsin. That’s done by nearly 40 employees, plus support from sister companies Snowbelt Hardwoods, Snow Ridge Lumber, Snow Timber Pellets, and Snow Run Trucking. The Snow Country facility includes the sawmill, dry kilns, and hardwood flooring manufacturing plant.

“Our intention always has been to make a high-end hardwood floor, which we continue to do to this day,” notes Tyler Francois, partner at Snow Country Hardwoods. In addition to hard maple and Northern red oak, the company also produces birch, ash, cherry, and hickory. Francois says all the logs come from within a 100-mile radius, resulting in a consistent, high-quality northern color.

Snow Country Hardwoods is exhibiting at the NWFA Expo in Milwaukee. The team is pleased that NWFA is coming to Wisconsin and hopes their customers from all over will visit them while they are in the “neighborhood.”

When in Wisconsin…

Tyler Francois:
Visit Lambeau Field. Go, Pack, go!

WD Flooring


Booth 336

When WD Flooring began in 1996, Peter Connor, president of the company, says there were mainly oak strip and maple strip manufacturers in the flooring world. They seized an opportunity to create products from various hardwoods in all different widths.

WD Flooring takes pride in its innovation and breadth of products. They’ve won several NWFA Wood Floor of the Year awards and have completed projects in places such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, the National Gallery of Latvia, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Frank Gehry-Designed Weisman Art Museum, to name a few. With more than 750 products, Connor says it is tough to choose one signature product, but long, wide, and precise is their calling card.

“We have 120 employees on a 400-acre plant site and are the only truly fully integrated mill in Wisconsin,” explains Connor. “It’s the only place where you can see a tree get cut, travel with it to the sawmill, then on to the flooring mills to be produced into solid or engineered and/or unfinished or prefinished flooring.”

The Connor family has been in Laona since 1898 and in the wood industry since 1872. They also have the Camp Five Logging Museum in the community, which is dedicated to the forest products industry. The company’s name is a tribute to Peter Connor’s great-grandfather, W.D. Connor, a pioneer of sustainable forestry and a member of the Wisconsin Forestry Hall of Fame.

When in Wisconsin…

Peter Connor:
Get a proper bratwurst, a proper beer, and have a good time!

The NWFA’s Expo is the best way to MAKE IT HAPPEN as a wood flooring professional. For additional resources, visit nwfaexpo.org.

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