Absco Launches Platinum 2K Wood Floor Finish

Canlak Coatings is launching Absco Platinum 2K Wood Floor Finish. Platinum 2K is a high performing 2K wood floor finish with the ease of a 1K. According to the company, this new product has a long open-time, industry-leading durability, and excellent scratch and stain resistance.

“We are extremely proud of our new water-based product. Absco Platinum 2K Wood Floor Finish is the latest innovative product from Canlak Coatings to assist contractors in making jobs easier and faster. And it’s a product we think they’ll love, as it has the longest open time in the category, and can also be recatalyzed for up to one week,” said Jim Coccagno, CEO of Canlak Coatings.

Platinum 2K uses no isocyanate or aziridine catalyst and is nationally VOC compliant with easy water cleanup.

Product details:

  • Exceptional Durability
  • Once Catalyzed, Can Be Used Up to One Week
  • Excellent Scratch & Stain Resistance
  • 2K Performance with 1K Ease
  • Available In 4 Sheens
  • No Isocyanate/No Aziridine
  • Compliant Nationally
  • Water Cleanup