Berger-Seidle® Introduces AquaChoice Pinkqualizer

Berger-Seidle® introduces a new wood floor sealer, AquaChoice® Pinkqualizer, which is designed to get the pink or red color out of a red oak or comparable wood floor.

Berger-Seidle® says this product is done in just one step with no need to work in two different steps/layers in the workflow, it is water based, and it can be combined with many tested and approved water based finishes, OMUs, sealers, stains, and oils.

AquaChoice Pinkqualizer is now available in a two-gallon-set, packed in the easy-to-use and easy-to-transport Berger-Seidle® MixBox.

Contractors are invited to join one of the upcoming 2023 Berger-Seidle® demos and trainings to learn more, or to get in touch with the local Berger-Seidle® partner, technical sales manager, or distributor. Berger-Seidle® will also present Pinkqualizer at the NWFA Expo in Milwaukee, May 2-4, 2023.