Sika Launches MB EZ Rapid

Sika is introducing MB EZ Rapid, a single-component rapid drying moisture barrier, adhesion promoter, and substrate consolidator for all floor covering installations over critical substrates for residential and commercial applications.

Sika MB EZ Rapid is a roll-on moisture membrane designed to mitigate vapor transmission from porous (absorbent) subfloors for all flooring installations. It mitigates moisture issues originating from below the membrane allowing for moisture emission limitations of up to 99 percent/ASTM F2170 relative humidity test and 18 lbs./ASTM F1869 calcium chloride method test when two coats are applied. Moisture limitations with a one-coat application are 93 percent/ASTM F2170 relative humidity test and 12 lbs./ASTM F1869 calcium chloride method test.

“This multiple solution product will help change how floors are installed,” says Dre Eisenmann, product manager at Sika Corporation. “Installers can now remediate problematic subfloors and protect the homeowner’s investment while turning what is typically a two to three day installation into a single day of labor.”

Sika MB EZ Rapid is a fast-drying (one hour) formula that allows for immediate nail-down and same-day glue-down flooring installations. Offered in 2.5 gal jugs, it provides coverage of up to 1,000 square feet/container. This three-in-one sustainable solution is solvent free with low VOC content.

Sika MB EZ Rapid can be used over plywood, concrete, gypsum, and old cutback adhesive. When used in glue assist or nail assist installations, primarily in basements or over crawl spaces, this multiuse product replaces the need for tar paper and prevents tears in paper or seams. MB EZ Rapid is a polyurethane resin reactive primer that can also be used to prime gypsum-based underlayments and patches, including SikaLevel® products, prior to the application of SikaBond® wood and resilient flooring adhesives.