Berger-Seidle® USA Introduces Satin and Ultra Matte Sports Floor Finishing Systems

Berger-Seidle® introduces brand-new sport flooring products in satin and ultra matte gloss levels.

The new sheen levels are available in different categories. For example, water based 2K finishes AquaChoice® SPORT and AquaChoice® GREENSTAR. GREENSTAR is a water based 2K finish technology completely free of Isocyanate or Aziridine, has no Isocyanate related hazard labeling, and offers a unique pot life of 18 hours after mixing component A and B.

AquaChoice® SPORT and AquaChoice® GREENSTAR are FIBA certified. MFMA certifications are also part of the full range sports floor finishing offerings by Berger-Seidle®. The whole range covers sealers, water-based finishes 1K and 2K, OMU based finishes, coloration options, sheen level options, multiple certifications, and 1K and 2K line paints based on both, OMU or water.

“We keep investing constantly and strongly in new and improved technologies, build additional state-of-the-art production facilities, and the best customer service,” says Markus M. Adam, the chairman of the board and managing partner of Berger- Seidle®.