AHF Products Acquires Certain Assets of American OEM

AHF Products today announced its acquisition of certain assets of American OEM, the trade name of Cumberland Products Group LLC. American OEM manufactures hardwood flooring and markets its products under the Raintree, Hearthwood, and Emily Morrow Home brands as well as private label.

American OEM manufactures engineered hardwood products at its plant in Only, Tennessee, (halfway between Nashville and Jackson) in a broad range of styles and species such as red oak, white oak, hickory, maple, and walnut. Founded by Don Finkell in 2013 to deliver high quality, high style flooring products with widespread consumer appeal, American OEM serves flooring distributors, specialty, and national retailers across North America.

“American OEM and Don Finkell have made a name for themselves in the industry with style and innovation, and we look forward to integrating these capabilities and these brands into AHF and our strong stable of brands and customers. The American OEM capabilities provide us with new products and capabilities produced right here in America, offering reduced lead times at a time when this is more important than ever to our customers,” said Brian Carson, chief executive officer and president, AHF Products. “In addition, we look forward to expanding the relationships with the American OEM customers. We’re thrilled to have Don and the OEM team joining the AHF family and look forward to growing the Raintree, Hearthwood, and Emily Morrow Home brands.”

“We are excited to be a part of AHF Products and help contribute to its growth,” said Don Finkell, who will join AHF Products, leading the OEM brands. “We approach business in a similar fashion as AHF Products; product development is a collaborative effort between American OEM and its customers, in much the same way AHF Products approaches the market. This has been one of the reasons for AHF Products’ tremendous success.”

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