AHF Products Introduces Dogwood™ Densified Wood

AHF Products has introduced Dogwood™ densified wood flooring featuring a “patent-pending process that creates ‘densified wood,’ a pure 100% natural wood floor that is incredibly resistant to scratches, gouges and dents – and pet nails and accidents.”

Scratch and dent damage caused by dogs is a leading reason why homeowners think they can’t have hardwood floors. Not anymore, says president and CEO Brian Carson, AHF Products. “Dogwood Densified Wood lets you enjoy real hardwood floors that are virtually worry free. This is more than a new product, it’s a whole new category of flooring.”

The company shared it is delivering products that are being designed to provide solutions to a number of top consumer pain points, especially hardwood performance and water-resistance. The engineers at AHF Products have taken real wood and more than doubled its density, with a natural, patent-pending process of heat and pressure. No chemicals, additives, fillers or plastic is involved, just wood. 

“It’s a gamechanger,” says Carson.

In addition, exclusive Cleantivity ™ technology protects against odor, damage and discoloration that may be caused by mold or mildew.

“This is 100% real wood – not a laminate surface. Real wood beauty, character, colors, textures and finishes, now better than ever. It offers unprecedented resistance to scratches, scuffs and dents to help camouflage everyday foot traffic,” says Carson.

Flooring with new Dogwood™ technology, which is made in Somerset, Kentucky, is first being introduced under the Bruce® brand with new lines already in progress for other brands under the AHF Products umbrella, including Hartco® and Robbins®.

“These are the perfect floors for busy and active homes, and anywhere where people – or pets – get together,” says Carson.