2021 WFOY: Best in Parquetry

Craftsman Hardwood Flooring | San Angelo, Texas

Photo courtesy of Craftsman Hardwood Flooring


Entries in this category include any parquet pattern installed into a flooring project.


For Matthew Garcia of Craftsman Hardwood Flooring in San Angelo, Texas, his entry into the Best of Parquetry category symbolizes the accomplishment of a lifelong dream and the result of pushing himself to his limits.

“It had long been a dream to open up my own showroom and have my own products, and I wanted to have a floor there that would show customers what is possible with custom wood flooring,” explains Garcia. “I also looked at the floor as a learning opportunity where I could push the limits of what I could do.”

Garcia wanted a floor that was elegant yet simplistic. He believes the walnut flooring weaved with white oak makes for great contrast and allows the design to stand out.

Photo courtesy of Craftsman Hardwood Flooring

“For the border, I wanted to have something that would challenge me. I ended up deciding to do wood bending,” says Garcia. “The border was made by soaking the walnut strips in water then placing them in forms to dry. It reminds me of what a DNA strand looks like and provides a nice flow for the border.”

The floor’s hexagon pattern and double helix border were hand-cut with custom templates and jigs. Lenny Hall of Endurance Floor in Davie, Florida, talked him through some of the challenges he had, including making the jigs and how to adapt them precisely to the design he was trying to accomplish.

Installation Type: Glue Down
Flooring Type: Engineered
Flooring Finish: Bona Traffic HD
Finish Sheen: Satin
Species: White Oak, and Walnut
Pattern: Hex Pattern with a Weave and a Double Helix Border
Square Feet: 170

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