2021 WFOY: Best in Color/Finish and Textured Wood

Eutree | Villa Rica, Georgia
MSCS Inc. | Roswell, Georgia

Photo courtesy of Mike Somodean of MSCS Inc.


Entries in this category include all types of applications of dyes, reactive conditioners, layered color systems, faux finishing, or other finishing systems, as well as textured wood flooring surfaces such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, sculpted, or any surface that is not traditionally flat.


This year’s Wood Floor of the Year winner for Best Color/Finish and Textured Wood was designed to meet the exacting standards of homeowners who desired maximum uniqueness and creativity throughout their new home.

“This was a new construction of a four-million-dollar home where the homeowners wanted everything in the house to be unique. Every room in the house had a theme that needed to be followed from floor to ceiling,” explains Mike Somodean of MSCS Inc., in Roswell, Georgia. “The theme for this particular room was ‘Modern French,’ with a color palette that originated from the cabinets.”

Working from the cabinet color, the homeowners and their designer envisioned a room with a classic feel with herringbone, but a touch of modernity via color selection.

“To procure the wood for the floor, we partnered with Eutree, who was actively involved in this project from start to finish. Their specialty is procuring and supplying forest-free lumber,” says Somodean. “For this project, flooring was sourced and milled from trees harvested from the lot this property was built on.”

Photo courtesy of Mike Somodean of MSCS Inc.

The flooring was prefinished using different combinations of reactive stains, hardwax oils, and pigmented maintenance oils to create four different colors to match the client’s vision. Wood was wire-brushed, then finished with the colors the client desired. The wood was then acclimated to the jobsite, and hand-cut to 5″ x 20″ boards to create a randomized herringbone pattern.

“Communication and getting pre-approval is key in a project like this. It’s all about testing and playing with colors, and then getting those colors approved,” explains Somodean. “It was thrilling to be able to have the colors come together as they did and match up perfectly with the client’s original vision.”

Somodean encourages other installers to stretch outside of their comfort zone and not be afraid to experiment with color and texture.

“This job was challenging, but it was also a tremendous opportunity to grow professionally. You cannot boost your skills without stretching and trying new things,” says Somodean. “I would encourage everyone to play with the skills that we all have and keep pushing your talents to your clients. It’s the only way to grow as a professional.”

Installation Type: Glue Down
Flooring Type: Solid Parquet
Flooring Sheen: Satin
Species: Rift and Quartered White Oak
Pattern: Herringbone
Square Feet: 180

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