Kop-Coat Protection Products Launches WoodYouth Plus Wood Dimensional Stabilizer

Kop-Coat Protection Products has developed and commercialized a proprietary dimensional stabilizer for wood veneer and solid wood components. WoodYouth® Plus was designed to reduce the wood’s ability to gain and lose moisture, hence creating a dimensionally stable wood component.

Kop-Coat partnered with the Beakler Consulting Services LLC to deliver on the goal of creating a real performance story to assist customers looking for water resistant properties in their products.

“The Kop-Coat team delivered a robust, cost-effective solution that is easy to apply and shows real results on wood exposed to extreme wet and dry conditions,” said Brian Beakler, CEO of Beakler Consulting Services.

The company shared that the new product will assist a multitude of wood product manufacturers looking for these properties from wood flooring to decorative panels and plywood. WoodYouth® Plus also claims to mitigate veneer checking and treated components can be glued, stained and finished with all available industrial technologies.

For more information, visit www.kop-coat.com.