Festool to Launch Limited Edition Systainer Installer’s Set

Festool USA will launch its new Limited Edition Systainer Installer’s Set on Oct. 1, providing an integrated system for tool organization and protection. Thanks to the T-LOC latching system, all 4 units of the Installer’s Set can be connected and locked in place for simple transport from one job site to the next.

Every tool, component part and accessory that an Installer needs on the job site will have a specific position in one of the four systainers included in the new Systainer Set. Each Systainer can be customized with the included container boxes for organizing several different sized accessories and consumables – all secure in the stackable, interlocking set.

“This limited-edition tool organization system provides a turn-key solution for finish carpenters, kitchen installers, millwork installers, and other onsite trade professionals,” said Rick Bush, VP of Marketing for Festool. “The Installer’s Set provides excellent organization and easy access to materials, enabling users to work faster, easier, and more efficiently on the job site.”

Components of Festool’s Limited Edition Systainer Installer’s Set include:

• SYS-Toolbox: Keep frequently used tools and accessories in reach with easy-access design.

• SYS-StorageBox: A horizontal orientation to keep everything in place and a large balestyle handle for effortless grab and go.

• SYS 1 Blue: This emerald blue systainer connects to the full systainer system along with sortainers and Festool’s line of CT dust extractors.

• SYS-MFT: A truly versatile systainer combining worktable functionality, a built-in Vgroove for securing round pieces like pipes and dowels, and a non skid strip for workpiece security.

• Accessories: The Festool Systainer Installer’s Set comes with two ratcheting quick clamps and additional container boxes.

For more information, please visit festoolusa.com/Fall2020.

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