April Survey Results: COVID-19 Impacts

In late April, Hardwood Floors magazine sent a brief survey to readers to learn more about the impacts COVID-19 is having on the wood flooring industry.

About half of the individuals who responded to the survey were contractors and installers, with manufacturers being the next largest group to participate. More than half were operating with reduced hours/workload, while nearly 25 percent were open and working as usual. Of companies experiencing decreased business or temporary closures, nearly half said it was due to having fewer customers, and about 28 percent attributed it to closures mandated by the state in which they operate.

Across the board, survey respondents are making changes to their businesses during the pandemic. More than 75 percent have initiated increased sanitation and safety procedures. Half of companies have canceled work travel, and less than 40 percent are working remotely. Other actions being taken include budget cuts, drive-through supply pick-ups, layoffs, furloughs, and virtual customer appointments.

At the end of April, nearly 40 percent of readers thought the pandemic would impact their operations through the end of this year, while about 35 percent expect it will be only through the middle of 2020. In terms of federal economic relief measures, close to 70 percent have applied for assistance.

Scroll down to see if the challenges you are facing during this time are similar to what others are experiencing. And, watch for the opportunity to contribute to the next Hardwood Floors COVID-19 survey, when it comes out later this month.

Visit our COVID-19 Resource Center for more helpful information.

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