Boa-Franc announces the acquisition of Ten Oaks

Boa-Franc recently announced the acquisition of Ten Oaks, LLC. Established in 2004, Ten Oaks is located in Stuart, Virginia, and operates two facilities staffed by more than 140 employees.  Ten Oaks mainly produces red & white oak unfinished hardwood floors.

Pierre Thabet, president of Boa-Franc, says he believes the acquisition will be beneficial to all parties involved, including customers, suppliers, employees and the community of Stuart, Virginia.

“Ten Oaks has an excellent reputation in the industry. The company also has a natural fit with our culture. It is well located, and they have an experienced workforce,” says Pierre Thabet.

Buddy Williams, president of Ten Oaks, says he believes the acquisition will allow Ten Oaks to benefit from Boa-Franc’s ability to accelerate growth, as well as secure the well-being of the Stuart community.

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