Wagner Meters Introduces a New Product (C555)

c555 meter

Wagner Meters has announced the release of a handheld electronic concrete moisture meter for comparative measurement of concrete and other surfaces. The C555 Concrete Moisture Meter is designed to be in full compliance with ASTM F2659 to assist in preliminary evaluation of the comparative moisture condition of concrete, gypsum, and other floor slabs and screeds.

The C555 also features an onboard ambient temperature and relative humidity sensor as well as a “Relative Measurement” mode for comparative measurement of other smooth surface materials such as brick or cement block. The C555 comes with an “On-Demand Calibrator” platform to perform fast and easy calibration to factory settings while in the field.

“The C555 provides a valuable non-damaging surface scan capability that works in conjunction with the Rapid RH® L6 system. ASTM F2170 specifically outlines the number of sensors to be utilized for a given square footage but gives little guidance on where to place them within the project. With all of the variables associated with the concrete pour, the water-cement ratio, and aggregate mix, the C555 really gives the user a better methodology for L6 sensor placement by detecting potentially troublesome moisture pockets where L6 sensors can be best utilized.” Said Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager for Wagner Meters.