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New NWFA health care assessment can provide double-digit savings

Last summer, the Department of Labor (DOL) finalized regulations to allow associations to offer health care plans across state lines to all U.S.-based members.

Up until now, the only way an association could offer health care options was to have a separate plan for each state where members were based. The management of such a service, with up to 50 separate plans to administer, was just not possible for associations like ours that cross borders.

Today, however, the new legislation will allow small companies and even single employee companies to band together through the purchasing power of their associations to receive better benefits and cost savings.

Analysis over the last year, since the legislation was enacted, indicates that the breadth of benefits now available to small companies is often more than employers could receive working directly with providers and, in some cases, even surpasses large company benefits.

This is new ground for health care providers. Right now, most of the plans are at the state and regional levels, and plans for programs beyond that will take some time to become available through associations.

In the meantime, we have developed a relationship with a health care advisor that will not only work with us as more formal national association plans develop, but one that can also immediately start to harness the buying power of NWFA’s 3,500 member companies for savings to you.

NWFA now has a new partnership with Caravus, a health care industry consultant that understands the health care needs of our member companies, and understands the differences and challenges that range in company size.

In many cases, Caravus can often find additional benefits from your existing provider or cost savings based on their relationships with carriers like United and Blue Cross.

The first step to finding out if you can develop more-comprehensive benefits for your employees, and potentially achieve significant cost savings for your company, is to contact Caravus at At no cost to you, you can have your current insurance plans reviewed through an assessment offered to NWFA members.As a health insurance advisor, Caravus will ease the burden and do most of the legwork to help build the right plan for you. Caravus will help with the following:

  • Shop the right plans and present you with premium quotes
  • Discuss alternative funding options
  • Implement the plan and keep you compliant with government regulations
  • Provide ongoing advocacy and support

Most importantly, a trusted advisor will consider your overall objectives and work alongside you to create a successful plan long term.

If your assessment indicates significant savings opportunities or additional benefits available, Caravus will work with you to select health care plan options that meet your needs and fit your budget. For members with two or more employees, the savings can certainly add up to more than your annual dues to NWFA. Visit to learn more.

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