AHF Products Introduces Hydropel

AHF Products announced the introduction of Hydropel(TM), a waterproof, 100% hardwood flooring product from Bruce(R)

Hydropel is an engineered hardwood infused with proprietary technology to resist water for up to 36 hours. This addresses areas where there are spills and splashes, such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mud rooms and entryways. According to Brian Parker, Director of Product Management, AHF Products, Hydropel is the ultimate worry-free hardwood floor. 

“There are sensitivities around hardwood to moisture, and we have addressed those directly with Hydropel,” said Parker. “It is real hardwood from top to bottom — and that’s what buyers truly want in their homes. Other products in the category that claim to be water resistant are not hardwood in the sense that they have a plastic core.” 

Hydropel is built with a core technology, which AHF Products has termed ultra-high density fiberboard. The density of Hydropel enables an extremely fine milling tolerance that seals the edges after installation and protects against everyday spills, wet mopping or even pet accidents from absorbing into the wood or leaking between planks into the subfloor. A performance coating protects the hardwood from scratches, scuffs, and stains and even indentations, for a lifetime of durability.

“Today’s consumers are accustomed to seeing new products as must-have improvements and flooring is no exception. Overall, customers want something unique … and the best way to get that is by innovating new looks and visuals and addressing the performance benefits that will keep hardwood at the top of consumers’ lists,” said Parker.   

“We developed and executed several different tests to prove the performance of Hydropel, including large scale water testing, sunlight buckle testing and scratch testing. We repeated these countless times to verify the performance,” said Parker. “You can comfortably live on these floors without worrying about damage from moisture.” 

Available in Oak and Hickory, in smooth, scraped, and brushed textures, Hydropel is current with the latest design trends in flooring. The low gloss finish is available in 5-inch planks up to 48-inches long.