Galleher LLC Acquires Assets of Aged Timber, Hires Greg Glasnow Founder

Galleher LLC announced that the company has acquired the assets of Aged Timber and hired Greg Glasnow, Aged Timber’s founder, to run its custom finishing facility, Royal Custom Plank & Parquet (RCP).

Glasnow, a well-regarded leader in the custom hardwood flooring industry, brings to RCP a deep knowledge of high-end wood floor fabrication and finishing, along with the many custom machines he has built over his 40+ year career in the business. 

“We could not be more thrilled about adding Greg to our team at RCP,” says Danny Harrington, Galleher’s VP of Marketing & Product Development. “There are very few people on the planet with the level of finishing knowledge that Greg brings to the table. His experience with chemical staining, fuming, burning, and other specialty coloring techniques is unparalleled. He is also a master parquet builder.”

Glasnow started working with reactive stains and other unique coloring techniques as a teenager under the tutelage of his grandfather, who specialized in restoring antique carriages, decades before reactive stains became widely known to wood finishers.

“Having also run a sales and installation business in the luxury market in L.A., Greg understands the needs of the customer and the expectations of designers, a rare and valuable asset in a production guy,” says Harrington.

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