2019 WFOY: Best Textured Wood Application

Four Board Woodworks LLC | Louisville, Kentucky

Entries in this category include scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, or any surface that is not traditional flat. Applications can include jobsite finished, manufacturer finished, solid, or engineered wood flooring.

The team at Four Board Woodworks scaled up herringbone, creating a natural direction that welcomes and invites one into the home. For grander spaces, the team utilized an optic of straight-lay wide plank to ground the rooms. In more intimate areas, such as the master study, they created a custom-designed parquet to draw down the space and bring inward atmosphere in juxtaposition to beautifully lacquered walls and fine trim work.

The finish is a custom color. The wood was first sanded and then wire-brushed. Then a hand application to each piece of a custom reactive stain and lastly a custom color blend was applied. The floor was then top-coated and enhanced by wire brushing.

Wood: WD Flooring | Finish: Rubio Monocoat

Installation Type: Nail-Down
Flooring Type: Solid
Flooring Style: Plank | Parquet
Flooring Finish: Manufacturer Factory-Finished
Finish Sheen: Matte
Finish Type: Wax
Species: Ash
Square Feet: 6,500

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