2019 WFOY: Best Restoration/Makeover

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Brookens Wood Floors Inc. | Springfield, Illinois

Entries in this category include all types of restorations, replacements, or repairs, in either a residential or commercial application. Applications can include jobsite finished, manufacturer finished, solid, or engineered wood flooring.

A broken water line caused major damage to the dining room of a historic 1880s house. The floor consisted of a 3/4″ x 11/2″ plainsawn maple field with a birdseye maple outside border and an elaborate parquet border, much of which was missing or loose.

The parquet border was 5/16″ material, 34 pieces before the pattern repeated, on 1/2″ pine boards. All border pieces were salvaged and reglued or recreated using a table saw sled. The entire field was replaced with new wood due to excessive compression gaping and water staining. Salvaged maple from the field was later used in the border.

The floor was sanded with multi-machines and sandpaper, then water-popped, stained, and sealed before two coats of satin water-based finish were applied.

Tools/Saws: DEWALT, Unisaw | Nailer: Powernail | Cleats: Powernail | Sanding Equipment: Lägler, Galaxy, Festool | Adhesive: Bona | Finish: DriFast, Bona | Wood: Northwoods

Installation Type: Nail-Down | Glue-Down
Flooring Type: Solid
Flooring Style: Strip | Parquet
Flooring Finish: Jobsite Finished
Finish Sheen: Satin
Finish Type: Surface Finish: Water-based
Species: Maple, Birdseye/Curly Maple, Red Oak, American Black Walnut, American Cherry
Square Feet: 295

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