Rollmaster Embeds Tableau Analytics

RollMaster Software announced that the company has embedded Tableau analytics into its software, which are designed to help customers see and understand their data in a way that inspires breakthroughs and drives impact.

“RollMaster has been proactive in allowing API’s (Application Program Interface) to integrate with the core RollMaster Cloud system on products that make sense for the flooring dealer. We were the first to the cloud, well before it was considered cool, and we’re leading the industry in program integrations as well, Tableau being chief among them,” said Patrick Ferries, Vice President of RollMaster Software.

RollMaster invested in a developer’s license from Tableau and then spent hundreds of man hours developing specialized dashboards that would deliver key data visualization (DV) and business intelligence (BI) information that makes the most sense for flooring business owners. Expecting a two-year payback on the investment, RollMaster began seeing a return on the new analytics solution in just six months.

“We really didn’t expect so many people to want all this data and these visualizations,” Patrick said. “In hindsight, we wish we would have done it a long time ago. We also didn’t realize it would be this easy to get this level of technology up and running.”

Patrick also noted that it’s been an advantage when prospects have heard of or even used Tableau. The recognition and familiarity with Tableau capabilities make the RollMaster core product more attractive.

“RollMaster software is central to our business, and Tableau changed the way we see our business overall. Now we drill down into jobs and performance to help with key decision-making, saving hours we used to spend pulling reports with a fraction of the data,” said Lyn Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Arbor Contract Carpet.

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