Partridge, Penney Welcomed to New Roles at HPS Schönox

Jim Partridge and Mike Penney, both with backgrounds in the flooring industry, have joined the HPS Schönox team in top-level positions.

“We continue to invest in only the best in the industry,” said Thomas Trissl, Schönox Principal. “Having them on board indicates our growth as a company and that we’re taking the next step with building the brand and its national identity.”

Partridge is the Regional Vice President for the northwest and western territories of the United States, working with Regional Business Managers as part of a region that covers 10 states.

“Having spent my entire career in the flooring industry, it is very exciting to be working for a company leading the industry with incredible, innovative products and unmatched support for our customers,” Partridge said. “I am proud to be Ön It.”

Like Partridge, Penney has spent his career in the flooring industry, primarily in the top-surface side. A native of Canada, Penney resides in the Philadelphia area and will be the Senior Vice President of National and Strategic Accounts.

“In my previous roles, we spent a lot of time pulling together product solutions but struggled with truly being a solution provider because we didn’t have the knowledge/expertise to help the customer with the daily issues on a job site,” Penney said. “I am excited to join a company with entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on being the problem-solving specialist. Schönox is dedicated to world-class innovation and solutions to help everyone deal with all of the daily job-site challenges.”

Partridge and Penney bring more than a combined 50 years’ experience to the HPS Schönox team. Both began their tenure with the company in February.

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