Kapro Tools 873G Prolaser® Vector Green Laser Level

Kapro Tools recently introduced its 873G Prolaser® Vector Green Laser Level. The 873G is comprised of a green beam with a wavelength that is more easily detected by the human eye to see than a red beam. This allows the beam to be seen over a greater distance, up to 200′ using a detector. It also features an outstanding accuracy of 0.0002″/1″, which is less than 1/4″ at 100′. The 873G Prolaser Vector Green Laser Level is packed with a number of innovative features, including:

  • Three Laser beams, including one horizontal and two vertical beams with 90-degree intersections
  • Self-leveling range of ±3 degrees
  • Manual mode for angular layout/tilted marking
  • Visual and audible “out of level” warning
  • Tripod accessibility with 1/4″ thread