NWFA and Sherwin Williams Host Member-Sponsored Training Event

The National Wood Flooring Association recently partnered with Sherwin Williams to host a member-sponsored school. This school was designed to help educate Sherwin Williams’ chemists on the different factors that affect finishes in the field. Led by NWFA Regional Instructor, Jon Namba, this school proved to be quite the success.

“I let them do all the work so they could see everything that goes on with stains and finishes on a sand job,” says Namba. “They were surprised at all the different factors that affects stains and finishes.”

The chemists left with a better understanding of what happens on a sand and finish and what contractors do to make the stains and finishes work for them.

“It was an eye opening experience for all of them, showing them what happens in real world installs,” adds Namba.

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