Glitsa Launches Two New Waterborne Finishes

Glitsa has added two new finishes to its waterborne line.

Glitsa’s new Bare, low-sheen waterborne finish features a 3 – 5% sheen with a bare look and smooth to the touch finish. Bare’s polycarbonate resin system delivers superior scratch and scuff resistance with a clear, consistent finish and bare wood look.

Glitsa Pro is a single component waterborne polyurethane designed for ease of use. It lays down smooth and can be applied directly over white oak. Glitsa Pro can be used as a self-sealing system or in conjunction with all Glitsa waterbornes.

“The addition of Glitsa Pro and Bare rounds out Glitsa’s quality line of waterborne sealers and finishes.” says Julie Russell, Glitsa Business Unit Director.