SikaBond-T21 to Provide Unlimited Moisture Vapor Protection

Sika Corporation announced that its all-in-one wood floor adhesive, SikaBond-T21, is
providing unlimited moisture vapor protection.

This All-in-One Wood floor adhesive offers moisture protection, sound control, crack bridging and can bond engineered and solid wood over concrete and on most other subflooring types. With an elongation at break of 270%, SikaBond-T21 allows planks to
expand and contract without damaging the adhesive bond.

“SikaBond-T21 has been on the market since 2011 and has helped hundreds of wood flooring installers to protect the wood from concrete moisture migration. By providing unlimited moisture vapor protection, SikaBond-T21 not only helps installers save time
on their job but also provides the assurance that the product will perform in even the most challenging environments” said Mike Croes, VP of Interior Finishing.

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