Hardwood from Armstrong Flooring Sets the Design Stage for Retail on the Floors and Up The Walls

Commercial designers, interior architects, and visual merchandisers of retail spaces are turning to hardwood to create unique spaces and now Armstrong Flooring is expanding this design potential by bringing the warmth and natural beauty of wood from the floor to the wall at Global Shop, booth #2216.

“Hardwood is the most coveted type of flooring, so it’s no wonder that it’s also successful as an interior wall design in retail, whether in boutiques or restaurants. On the wall, the carefully crafted textures and tones of wood bring natural warmth and authenticity into the retail environment,” says Hardwood Design Manager Sara Babinski, Armstrong Flooring.

According to Babinski, texture is the new color. “Color has always been a force when it comes to design choice, but texture is becoming just as important. Texture like what is found in today’s natural hardwood flooring is tactile, visually stimulating and adds interest to a space,” she says.

On the floor itself, wood has an elegance beloved by customers and retailers alike, as a genuine hardwood can carry the motif and experience of the entire establishment. The right wood flooring is an authentic and critical component of the engaging spaces that you want your customers to remember. Flooring becomes the literal foundation upon which retail projects flourish because of high-end designs that provide a timeless look as well as durable finish for a longer lasting wear.

New collections at GlobalShop include striking fresh visuals that combine wire-brushing techniques with distinct color washes and variable width designs. The varied tones and random patterns capture the coveted essence of reclaimed hardwoods.

“Designers of retail spaces are increasingly turning to the natural distinctive textures, rich colors and organic shapes and patterns of genuine hardwood. They create warmth and visual complexity, allowing interior designers and architects to cultivate retail brand experiences that are fresh and naturally luxurious,” says Babinski. “There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of real wood flooring. Whether it’s in an office space, a home, or a retail store, wood flooring gives a warmth and charm to the room that’s hard to duplicate with anything else.”

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